Side Cards


Compact-sized MasterCard payment card offers enhanced cardholder convenience and flexibility

MC Side Cards

On August 28, 2003 - MasterCard International unveiled MasterCard® SideCardTM, the stylish new payment card which features a modified design small enough to fit on a key ring.

These cards were produced at VCT, USA.

An alternative to the traditional-sized payment card, MasterCard® SideCardTM, which works in all swipe terminals at the point of sale, lets today's busy cardholder's speed through the payment process by offering an ultra-convenient new form that can easily be carried and used at the point of sale.

The MasterCard® SideCardTM provides enhanced speed and convenience at the point-of-sale by taking the payment card - complete with all of the same qualities and service MasterCard cardholders have come to count on - "out of the wallet and onto a key chain".

Issued as a companion card to a full-sized MasterCard card, the MasterCard® SideCardTM is the first companion card capable of incorporating contactless chip technology. This allows issuers the ability to add the MasterCard® PayPassTM feature, which provides cardholders with a "simpler way to pay" in quick payment environments such as fast food restaurants.

The MasterCard® SideCardTM has a case which can be attached to a key ring or lanyard while protecting the magnetic stripe. At the point of interaction, the cardholder simply flips the card out of its case and swipes the card through the terminal.